Saturday, March 31, 2012

Draw Something Something, Pt. 1!

Hoping to tap into the current creative zeitgeist that is flowing with the fingertip drawing sensation of Draw Somthin', I put together this place for friends to send in their favorite daily drawings from in game (and allow me to post up my current favorites).

Here's my first collection of drawn somethings, from various games with various, awesome folks! Right click above to download/view larger. If you'd like to send in your drawings from the game, see the To Contribute link on the side, and send on, sender. The more folks we get contributing, the more fun I think this'll be.

So post, repost, Tweet, share, pin, whatever social goodness you feel comfortable with, and let's get rolling. Feel free to send anonymously, and if you'd like any game info removed (like gamertag, etc.) we'll take care of that for you! Can't wait to see all the wacky, finger drawn greatness!